and Water Features

Ponds are the last word in garden drama.

If relaxation is what you are looking for, it is hard to beat the simple tranquility of a water garden. Use your vacation money to put in a water feature and enjoy your vacation every weekend.

Ponds have come a long way.  If you knew someone who had one that was a maintenance hassle, rest assured that ecologically sound technology has changed things for the better in the last few years. We use bio-filtration to keep the water clean and clear.  Liners now last for decades. Parts are easy to find, and easy to replace. Pumps are heavy duty, and last for years.

Start right the first time.  We rehabilitate too many ponds! Let us do yours right the first time. A good pond is so much more than a hole in the ground with a liner and water.  You get what you pay for. A pond is a natural focal point, the feature that really makes your property really special, really unique. Avoid expensive disappointments by choosing a quality contractor!

The best thing:  It looks like it belongs.  Our ponds are designed to look as much like a natural feature as possible. Rocks are carefully chosen and set to create a natural look. Waterfalls make optimal contact with rocks, so the sound is as soothing as the look. Plants are selected and cultivated to make the water feature blend with the landscape. Plant expertise allows us to choose plants that will mature with your pond, not destroy it. Fish not only provide visual interest, but also help to keep the pond clean, and prevent mosquito breeding.  Contact us for a free pond brochure, videotape, or schedule an estimate today.


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